Attention Luna Lovers! New Month, New Prime Games.

Prime members are in for a treat the second month of 2024 as it is one of the bigger months with games rotating into the Prime membership.

Prime Picks for February are as follows:

We start off with a bundle of games with Fortnight sticking with the service along with Fortnight Festival rolling in. Additionally Lego Fortnight is going to be staying with us Luna fans for another month.

Rotating in alongside Fortnite is:
– Jackbox Party Pack 10.
– Trackmania: Rocket Racing,
– Garfield Lasagna Party,
– Kunai
– Inside My Radio

It is great to see a big handful of games coming to the Prime channel, but unfortunately we haven’t been greeted with any new arrivals for the month of February in relation to the Luna+ service, but we sometimes do get a surprise drops, so I will be posting here as soon as anything lands.

A friendly reminder that if you have a Prime or Luna+ subscription you are able to play your Ubisoft titles purchased directly through the Ubisoft store or through Luna itself. That also means you can take advantage of your Ubisoft+ subscription to get the Gold and Ultimate editions of your favourite Ubisoft titles.

By James

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