Get ready for an epic gaming adventure like no other with February’s Humble Bundle lineup! Packed with a diverse array of titles. This month brings a diverse collection of captivating titles that promise to deliver hours of entertainment. Many of these games are available for instant play on GeForce Now so let’s delve into the lineup:

Life Is Strange: True Colors: Dive into the emotionally charged narrative of Life Is Strange: True Colors, where empathy is your greatest power. Unravel the mysteries of Haven Springs as Alex Chen, a young woman with the ability to sense and manipulate emotions. With stunning visuals and compelling storytelling, this is a journey you won’t want to miss. (Available on GFN)

Scorn: Prepare to be transported to a nightmarish realm in Scorn, a hauntingly atmospheric first-person horror adventure. Explore grotesque landscapes, solve enigmatic puzzles, and uncover the secrets of a world shaped by surrealism and dread. Brace yourself for an unforgettable descent into madness. (Available on GFN)

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Set in the swinging ’60s, this hilarious action-adventure game puts you in control of an arsenal of otherworldly weapons as you wreak havoc on humanity. It’s time to unleash your inner extraterrestrial mischief-maker. (Available on GFN)

Oaken: Embark on an epic journey of discovery in Oaken, a breathtaking open-world adventure set in a lush and vibrant fantasy realm. With its gorgeous visuals, engaging exploration, and deep storytelling, Oaken invites you to lose yourself in a world brimming with wonder and adventure. (Available on GFN)

Beacon Pines: Embark on a charming and mysterious journey in Beacon Pines, an enchanting narrative-driven adventure. As Luka, a young child exploring a picturesque town filled with talking animals and curious secrets, you’ll shape the story with your choices and uncover the truth behind the town’s enigmatic inhabitants. (Available on GFN)

There is No Light Enhanced Edition: Step into a grim and atmospheric world in There is No Light Enhanced Edition, a brutal action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia. With its haunting visuals and intense combat, this game will test your survival skills as you navigate the ruins of a once-thriving civilization.

Children of Silentown: Immerse yourself in the hauntingly beautiful world of Children of Silentown, a captivating adventure game inspired by classic fairy tales. Follow the story of Lucy, a young girl searching for her missing brother in a mysterious and atmospheric town filled with secrets and dark forces.

Snowtopia: Embrace the thrill of winter sports in Snowtopia, a delightful simulation game that lets you build and manage your own ski resort. From designing thrilling slopes to keeping your guests happy, Snowtopia offers endless opportunities for creativity and fun in the snowy mountains.

The slight catch with this month’s bundle is that although Beacon Pines is playable on GFN, you will need to have it purchased through the Xbox store. But with less than 48 hours to go before the GFN blog post hits, we are hoping that the remainder of these games will hit the service. We will be updating this post to let you know as and when they become available.

By James

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