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5 Short Game Pass Games to Play this Holiday

If you are off over this holiday period and want to play some games on game pass that are short.

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GeForce NOW

Atari Buys Night Dive Studios

In a surprising move, Atari has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Night Dive Studios, the.

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Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna expands to Canada, UK and Germany

Amazon Luna, the cloud gaming service from Amazon, is now available in Canada, UK and Germany. This means that gamers.

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More details of Xbox and GeForce NOW deal – Day and Date, Game Pass and

As reported in The Verge, Xbox PC games will be streamable on Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming subscription service, as.

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GeForce NOW

What Bethesda games are on Steam?

Following the recent announcement that Bethesda games will be coming to GeForce NOW, many gamers are looking forward to playing.

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