Remember the classic Commandos series? It’s making a killer comeback, and we’re all hyped about it. Kalypso Media and Claymore Game Studios just spilled the beans, and Commandos: Origins is gearing up for a 2024 release. And here’s the cherry on top: it’s hitting Xbox Game Pass on day one. With Kalypso’s history, we wouldn’t be surprised if it sneaks its way into GeForce Now soon after. Keep those fingers crossed!

What’s the Buzz About Commandos: Origins?

We’re diving back into World War II with our OG squad. If you’ve missed Jack O’Hara, The Green Beret, and the gang, they’re back and ready to kick some enemy butt. With over 10 missions spanning from chilly Arctic corners to scorching African sands, there’s a ton of action-packed content to dive into.

Cool Stuff to Look Forward To

  • Stealth Mode On: The gameplay’s all about being sneaky, using your Commandos’ rad skills, and making sure the enemy doesn’t see it coming.
  • The Squad’s All Here: Six epic characters, including legends like Rene “the Spy” Duchamp, are banding together. It’s like a high school reunion, but with more explosions.
  • So Many Ways to Win: The game’s packed with diverse environments, which means loads of strategies to play around with. Whether you’re a sneaky sneaker or an all-guns-blazing kind of player, there’s something for you.
  • Get Your Game On With a Buddy: Feeling lonely? Drag a friend into the mix with a 2-player cooperative multiplayer mode, online or split-screen. Double the trouble!

Oh, and did we mention the trailer? I’m personally loving it because of that Northern Irish voiceover. Nothing like a bit of that Northern charm to sell a game, right?

In a nutshell, Commandos: Origins is shaping up to be the game we didn’t know we needed. 2024 can’t come soon enough

By Duncan Baxter

Duncan Baxter, hailing from the vibrant era of the '80s, is not just any gamer; he's a testament to the evolution of the gaming world. From the pixelated adventures of the past to the limitless horizons of cloud gaming, Duncan has seen and experienced it all. His journey into the cloud began with OnLive, the pioneering service that forever changed the way he perceived gaming. To this day, he holds OnLive close to his heart, considering it his all-time favorite platform. Duncan's gaming palette is diverse. While he's a strategist at heart, diving deep into intricate strategy games, he also has a penchant for the thrill of card games. But it's the indie game scene that truly captivates him, with its innovative ideas and boundary-pushing narratives. Around the gaming community, you might hear the phrase, "It's a Duncan game." This expression has come to symbolize a game that resonates with depth, innovation, and a touch of nostalgia, much like Duncan himself. Join Duncan as he explores the ever-expanding universe of gaming, always looking forward to the next big thing while cherishing the classics that started it all.

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