Ubisoft has announced that the Free Trial of The Crew™ Motorfest will be returning for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and will also be playable for GeForce NOW players from 10th to 20th October.

Why Should You Care?

Missed the first lap around Motorfest during its initial release? No sweat! Dive in now and get a tantalising taste of 5 hours of pure adrenaline. And if you fall in love (which, let’s face it, you probably will), Ubisoft’s got your back. Save your progress, buy the game, and they’ll even throw in a sweet discount.

But hey, if you already took it out for a joyride in September, you might have to sit this one out. The good news? If you didn’t burn all your free hours, you’re good to go!

The Deets on Dates and Discounts:

  • UBISOFT STORE (PC): Hit the tracks from 10th October at midnight (spanning 3 time zones) and burn rubber until 20th October, 3 PM BST. Get your wallets ready from 10th to 24th October because you’re looking at 20% off the Standard Edition and 15% off the Gold and Ultimate goodies.
  • PLAYSTATION 4 & 5: Green light from midnight, 10th October till the finish line on 20th October, 3 PM BST. The price drop zone? 11th to 18th October: 20% off Standard and 15% off Gold and Ultimate editions.
  • XBOX SERIES X|S & ONE: Race time starts midnight, 10th October and ends 20th October, 3 PM BST. Catch the week’s hot deal from 13th to 16th October with a cool 20% off the Standard Edition.
  • EPIC GAMES STORE (PC): Kick off at midnight, 10th October and park it by 20th October, 3 PM BST. Grab 20% off the Standard Edition from 14th to 21st October.

Oh, and a heads up for the Luna lovers – this party isn’t happening on Amazon Luna.

Dive into the Ride!

Motorfest isn’t just about burning rubber. It’s about living the dream on the gorgeous island of O’ahu in Hawaii. Think sun, sea, and speed! Explore the festival that’s got every car nerd’s heart racing. With breathtaking campaigns, edge-of-your-seat races, and live challenges, you’re in for a wild ride. And did we mention the smorgasbord of iconic cars waiting for you? Go on, collect them all, and maybe, just maybe, you could become the talk of the festival. And hey, with new cars and races already added since its original release, the fun’s just getting started.

So, what are you waiting for? Rev those engines, and let’s make some gaming memories!

By Duncan Baxter

Duncan Baxter, hailing from the vibrant era of the '80s, is not just any gamer; he's a testament to the evolution of the gaming world. From the pixelated adventures of the past to the limitless horizons of cloud gaming, Duncan has seen and experienced it all. His journey into the cloud began with OnLive, the pioneering service that forever changed the way he perceived gaming. To this day, he holds OnLive close to his heart, considering it his all-time favorite platform. Duncan's gaming palette is diverse. While he's a strategist at heart, diving deep into intricate strategy games, he also has a penchant for the thrill of card games. But it's the indie game scene that truly captivates him, with its innovative ideas and boundary-pushing narratives. Around the gaming community, you might hear the phrase, "It's a Duncan game." This expression has come to symbolize a game that resonates with depth, innovation, and a touch of nostalgia, much like Duncan himself. Join Duncan as he explores the ever-expanding universe of gaming, always looking forward to the next big thing while cherishing the classics that started it all.

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