Xbox App Asks, Play or Stream?

Xbox App on Windows 11 – Credit: Makeofchaos

2021 has certainly been a year for Xbox and it shows no sign of stopping with Gamescom right around the corner. As we know when Windows 11 was announced, it was confirmed that the Xbox app was going through improvements for PC and also that xCloud would be baked in from the outset.

Well this week, we started to see further changes in the Xbox App for PC (Windows 11), that further the company’s commitment to cloud gaming. As we prepared to embark on the final part of our A Pirates Life adventure in Sea of Thieves. Our very own Maker with his eagle eyes spotted that in the Xbox app, when he received his invite to join the game. The Xbox app specifically asked if he wanted to play the game locally on his PC or if he wanted to stream it.

As cloud gamers already, we are aware of the possibilities with game streaming and this is great to see as it is continuing to push the message and give people the opportunity to play in the cloud. Combine this with the Xbox dashboard displaying a video for you to watch that explains what game streaming is and its benefits, Microsoft clearly understands its potential and wants to educate its fan base about what for some is a new way of gaming.

A message that we’ll certainly never complain about being re-enforced by a major player within the games industry.

As we eluded to above, not necessarily everyone will be receiving those notifications right now but this is purely down to the fact that it looks like this is happening on Windows 11 only, and also if you are part of the Xbox Insiders ring where you get early access to the updated app and features.

Overall we see this as a very positive step for cloud gaming in general as it sets a tone that it’s going to be front of the mind from Microsoft and they are certainly keen to open gamers minds to the possibilities and the new ways to play.

Do you see this as we do and being good for cloud gaming? Let us know in the comments!

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