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X4 unveals next expansion called Kingdom End

EGOSOFT, has announced the release of the fourth expansion for its space simulation game X4: Foundations. The expansion, called X4: Kingdom End, will be available for PC (Windows, Linux) in 2023 and can be wishlisted on Steam and GOG. The game can be played on GeForce NOW.

In X4: Kingdom End, players will have the chance to explore the unique Boron ships and systems, uncover old secrets, and make new acquaintances on a journey of discovery. The expansion will also feature an immersive story of collaboration as players join forces with different factions to investigate a mysterious phenomenon at the previously inactive jump gate in Heretic’s End.

In addition to the new expansion, will also be releasing an extensive 6.00 update for X4: Foundations, which will include a number of significant improvements such as the new Position Defence feature, which allows players to have a carrier-led fleet defend a larger area, and a new cinematic camera cutscene mode. There will also be improvements to AI combat and fleet behavior, trade behavior, boarding, salvaging, docking experience, flight pathing, low attention combat simulation, and the station editor, as well as UI and quality-of-life improvements and performance improvements.

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