Why I Refunded Fifa on Stadia

I know, yes, I know a lot of you will be looking at me with the stink eye right now, and asking why on earth would you refund Fifa the same day it came out? Was it to do with the visuals? No. Was it the gameplay? Nope. Was it Stadia specific? Bingo!

At this point, I’ve either lost you already, or you’re seeing red, but if you’re here, hear me out. Fifa21 on Stadia plays flawlessly, or at least it did for me. I even hooked up the old Chromecast Ultra to try it out in all its 4K glory, and the beautiful game looked…beautiful!

I played through the initial intro match and came out feeling like David Beckham himself after somehow managing to take the free-kick of my life! Curving it just over the wall and banging it into the top right corner. I swear the keeper got a finger to it, but glory was in full motion.

Fast forward through this match and you’re greeted with EA’s t&c’s, and finally the menus. And if you’ve got to know EA Sports titles of late, they’re a horrendous mess of colour and require complex god-tier navigation skills to navigate at first.

Fifa 21 Menu

Having watched numerous people stream the game yesterday, nearly everyone struggled to find their way around the UI, often stumbling into the part of the game they were looking for. In fact, as if by design, Ultimate Team seems to be the easiest feature to find. Surprised? You shouldn’t be, this is EA after all, and they want ALL of your monies!

After a good 5 minutes, I ended up in Online Pro Teams, creating my own player, and finally getting into a multiplayer game. This mode sees you take control of your own player creation, where you can go toe to toe with teams made up of individual human or AI-controlled players.

If you have another 10 people to fill your team, I imagine this game mode could be pretty hilarious, although I would also imagine many friendships failing the test of impossible communication. My experience out of the 3 games played was a mix of 2-3 vs 2 and 2 vs 1.

Select a manager model

Now then, all of the experiences I’ve mentioned so far, have nothing to do with Stadia, and everything to do with the actual game itself, which of course is the same regardless of platform. So what’s wrong with Stadia here?

You’re not likely to be surprised by this, but during the non-stop talk of Fifa on Twitter and Reddit alike, each time I logged in to check how many players were actually online, I only saw that number jump over 200 concurrent players one time.

I know this is only the first day, but this has always been Stadia’s biggest threat when it comes to multiplayer games. The numbers. And when every Stadian and his dog are talking about the latest blockbuster title, but seemingly having more fun shouting about it on social media than actually
playing it, it’s no wonder why people throw shade at the platform.

Again, just to clarify, Fifa plays amazingly, I had no lag (that I was aware of), no frame rate issues, no jumping frames, nothing. The queue times were managable for the games that I did play, but in 2 months
time, will this have dropped off further? History tells me yes.

So this is where I’m at now, I enjoyed the game, and therefore understand why others would choose to keep the game on the Stadia platform. I mean the ability to play Fifa on the go via mobile etc is definitely no joke! But if you’re serious about playing this game, I couldn’t honestly recommend Stadia as the best place to play.

As with most sports titles, online is what helps them thrive. If you’re seeing numbers under 1000, it’s cause for concern. If Fifa was to be the saviour, where do we go next? Outriders is the next big game to drop, and currently, Xbox has made it very appealing to pick their platform via GamePass.

You can purchase Fifa 21 on the Stadia store right now at a discounted price

But enough about that! How do you feel about Fifa21 on Stadia?

3 thoughts on “Why I Refunded Fifa on Stadia

  1. Online numbers were just for testing. Did you get a chance to look at the FUT numbers ? Thats the main one game mode.

  2. Why would i play on xbox at 720p ( maybe 1080p ) with no HDR and much higher imput lag ( outriders ) ?

    Nah i will play it on Stadia because of better quality all around and Stream connect ( I am in a Division 2 clan where majority are stadia players *thats 40 ppl*) and they all picking it up on Stadia.

    Multiplayers not that bad when you got a large friend list as well.

    All i can say is all Stadia games should be crossplay multiplayer with PC its would help ppl with no friends i guess.

    If i get a game on another platform its be on Geforce now not xcloud for sure…

  3. lol Division 2 has massive Input Lags on Stadia what are you talking? Did you even play it on there? its unplayable. And HDR is only for Stadia Pro user with Chromecast Ultra. if you play on PC you donßt get 4K Support even if you have a 4K TV, same with HDR. Most Games have only Native 4K what is the same on Consoles.

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