What games are coming to Stadia in September?

September is a blockbuster month for Stadia and there are 12 games that we know of coming to the platform. There is a great variety of games coming and it starts on September 1st with the Pro Games and Marvel’s Avengers. Also, it should be noted that Crowd Play and Crowd choice could be launching this month. These games are the only ones we have release dates for and does not include speculated titles like UNO and Mafia.

September 1st – Super Bomberman R Online (Pro), Hello Neighbour (Pro), Hitman (Pro), Gunsport (Pro), Hitman 2, Marvel’s Avengers (Deluxe edition),

September 4th – NBA 2k21, Marvel’s Avengers (for everyone)

September 18 – WWE Battlegrounds

September 24th – Serious Sam 4

September 30 – Baldurs Gate 3

September TBD – Dead by Daylight

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