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Warframe makes several announcements during yesterday’s livestream

Digital Extremes, the developer of Warframe, hosted a devstream for tens of thousands of Warframe players yesterday and announced the upcoming update – Citrine’s Last Wih – to the online sci-fi action game. The event also unveiled the return of Warframe’s popular Valentine’s Day event, Star Days, featuring new and returning items available from Ticker in Fortuna. An update was also shared on Warframe’s cross-platform play, cross-platform save, and Warframe for mobile endeavors.

Citrine’s Last Wish, releasing in February 2023, will introduce the 52nd Warframe, Citrine, to the game. Players can either instantly unlock or earn her through Mirror Defense missions on Mars. With a healthy arsenal of weapons, accessories, and abilities, including the new Corufell scythe, Citrine’s Kalite Helmet and Sugatra, and Steflos primary weapon, players can obliterate the battlefield with crystalline might. The update will also bring new cosmetics, including the first ever facial visage ink customizations and new skins, augment, and arcanes.

Star Days, Warframe’s annual Valentine’s theme event, will run from February 1 to February 15 in Fortuna. Players can purchase new and returning items, including the Eros Wings Ephemera, Ticker Floof, and more from Ticker’s Affections. The event will also bring a new Valentine color palette and additional glyph bundles to the in-game market.

Warframe’s Cross Platform Play will also receive ongoing updates and enhancements, making it easier than ever for players to join up with friends and play together, no matter what platform they’re on. With all these exciting developments on the horizon, Digital Extremes is poised for a big year in 2023

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