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War Thunder launches Apex Predators Update

War Thunder, has just released its latest update: “Apex Predators.” This update brings a host of new content to the game, including a host of new military vehicles for players to get their hands on. The focus of this update is on the fourth generation jets F-16, MiG-29, and Tornado, but all game modes have received a significant amount of new content. The game is playable on GeForce NOW.

One major new addition is the inclusion of five new aircraft carriers: Shokaku (Japan), Illustrious (GB), Saratoga, Lexington, and Enterprise (USA). Players will now be able to hear the voices of fleet officers and crews during naval battles, and carrier-based aircraft will be able to operate from these carriers. In addition to the new jets, the update also introduces a variety of new ground vehicles, including the American M728 engineer tank with a 165mm gun, the French Char 2C bis super-heavy tank, and the Jordanian Khalid MBT.

In addition to the new vehicles, the “Apex Predators” update also brings a host of other new features to War Thunder. More than 20 aircraft and helicopters now have secondary weapon customization options, and the external fuel tanks feature is available for the new top aircraft. The Winter Quest event has also begun with the release of the update, giving players the chance to complete missions and fight for prizes like decorations, camouflages, and rare models of vehicles.

One of the new vehicles introduced in the “Apex Predators” update is the Tornado IDS Marineflieger, a German version of the European Tornado fighter-bomber. This aircraft is intended for naval strike aviation and does not have access to guided bombs, but it can carry the new AS.34 Kormoran guided anti-ship missiles into battle. The M728 engineer tank is another interesting addition, based on the chassis of the M60 tank and equipped with a variety of engineering tools and a powerful 165mm demolition gun. It was used extensively during the Vietnam and Gulf Wars to destroy fortifications and overcome barriers. The Khalid MBT, meanwhile, is a modification of the British Chieftain tank that was originally created for the armed forces of the Shah of Iran, but was eventually finalized for the Jordanian army. It features a more powerful engine and a laser rangefinder.

In addition to the new vehicles, the “Apex Predators” update also introduces a new map called “Gold Quarry,” set in the Tien Shan mountains and featuring a typical mining and processing plant. Teams will have to fight for control points among the rock heaps, between the concrete walls of the workshops, and on the territory of the car park with mining dump trucks and bulldozers. The popular location “Poland” has also received a winter version, with snowdrifts and a frozen lake that players can risk crossing to attack their enemies from the flank.

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