Ubisoft’s published Oddballers release date pushed back

In a blog post, Ubisoft has confirmed that Oddballers has been hit with a delay. This delay is to allow the game to have a “smooth and complete experience” when it launches. Oddballers is a multiplayer dodgeball game that will be available on Luna and Stadia. You would also imagine that it should hit GeForce NOW.

OddBallers is a fast and frantic party game for up to 6 players. Online or side-by-side on a really big sofa, players use a combination of cunning, skill and unfair tactics to screw over their opponents in hilariously unpredictable dodgeball tournaments where each round is a new crazy type of dodgeball.

OddBallers is simple and approachable, but underneath lies strategic depth and systemic complexity. Curious players may use objects, mechanics and environment to form creative and playful ways to engage opponents with devastating impact and glorious highlights to follow.

Though OddBallers is a competitive game, the real focus is on people-fun and camaraderie; priorities that run deep within the studio, which was founded at a game jam.

We will let you know when Oddballers gets a release date.

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