Ubisoft gives Stadia Players a nice freebie

Google’s cloud gaming platform, Stadia, is set to shut down on January 18, 2023. However, Ubisoft is making efforts to ensure that players can continue to enjoy their games on other platforms. Ubisoft is offering the PC versions of any games that players owned on Stadia for free, which will be automatically added to their libraries through Ubisoft Connect. It’s important to note that any virtual currency in games will not transfer from Stadia to Ubisoft Connect or any other platform, so players should make sure to spend it before the shutdown date.

Ubisoft is also offering a solution for players who subscribed to its Ubisoft+ Multi-Access service through Stadia. These players will receive an email with instructions on how to sign up directly via the Ubisoft+ website, along with a voucher for one free month of access. Players in the US who subscribed through Ubisoft can also continue streaming Ubisoft+ games via Amazon Luna, while those outside the US will receive a discount on Ubisoft+ Multi-Access for six months.

All Ubisoft customers on Stadia, whether they are owners or subscribers, will receive a coupon code for one free month of GeForce NOW Priority Membership. This will allow them to continue streaming Ubisoft games on a variety of devices. It’s worth noting that Ubisoft+ will be available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles in the future.

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