Two Free Games as the Epic Holiday Giveaway ends

The Epic Giveaway has come to an end, with two amazing games up for grabs: Dishonored and Eximius: Seize the Frontline. These games offer unique and immersive gameplay experiences, and are sure to provide hours of entertainment. Whether you’re a fan of stealth action or strategic warfare, these games have something for everyone. Neither of the games are playable on GeForce NOW.

Dishonored is a stealth action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It was released in 2012 for various platforms including PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. The game is set in a fictional city called Dunwall, where the player takes on the role of Corvo Attano, a bodyguard and loyalist to the Empress of the Isles. After the Empress is murdered and Corvo is framed for the crime, he must use his special abilities and cunning to clear his name and bring justice to those who wronged him.

The gameplay in Dishonored is based on a combination of stealth and action, with the player having a variety of options for approaching each level. The player can choose to go in guns blazing, or take a more stealthy approach by sneaking past enemies and using special abilities such as teleportation and possession to avoid detection. The game also features a branching narrative, with the player’s actions and choices affecting the story and ending.

According to, the average playtime for Dishonored is about 16 hours for a single playthrough. However, this can vary greatly depending on the player’s playstyle and whether they choose to complete all of the side quests and explore every area of the game. Some players may be able to beat the game in as little as 10 hours, while others may take closer to 20 hours or more to complete everything.

Eximius: Seize the Frontline is a multiplayer action and strategy game that combines elements of first-person shooters and real-time strategy games. It features 5v5 team battles where players control both a Commander and an Officer. As a Commander, players build bases, train armies, and call down support abilities to aid their allies on the ground and gain territory. As an Officer, players lead their squad into combat, capturing resources, upgrading weapons, and equipping powerful battlesuits.

The game features seamless transition between the two roles, allowing players to switch between the top-down RTS interface and first-person shooter gameplay at any time. Eximius also includes base building, tactical battles, technology unlocks, and battlesuits, as well as team abilities such as artillery strikes and quick-response forces. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic urban environment and features two factions: the Axeron Corporation and the Global Security Force. According to, the average playtime for Eximius: Seize the Frontline is about 12 hours. However, this can vary greatly depending on the player’s playstyle and the number of matches played.

Up next for free on Epic are Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics – Aiko’s Choice.

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