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Troubled game The Day Before hit with another delay

In a surprise turn of events, the upcoming game “The Day Before” has hit a major roadblock just before its planned release. According to a statement from the game’s developers, MyTona and Fntastic, Steam has blocked their game page at the request of a private individual due to a trademark dispute over the game’s name.

The developers announced the game in January 2021, and at the time, the “The Day Before” game trademark was available. However, after the announcement, the individual in question filed an application to register the game trademark in the United States, which was granted. MyTona and Fntastic were not aware of the existence of the claims until January 19, 2023, when they received a complaint from the individual and a request to contact them. The developers are currently investigating the situation and working to find a resolution.

As a result of the legal dispute, the developers have made the decision to postpone the launch of “The Day Before” to November 10, 2023. They apologize to fans for the delay, but assure them that their focus remains on delivering the best possible game. In the meantime, the developers have decided to hold off on releasing a planned gameplay video until the issue is resolved. They ask for fans’ understanding and support as they work through this unexpected obstacle.

The news of the trademark dispute and subsequent delay has left many fans of the game feeling skeptical about its eventual release. With the game’s page now blocked on Steam and the delay pushing the release date back over a year, some are questioning whether “The Day Before” will ever see the light of day.

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