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Transport Fever 2 is getting a Deluxe Edition

Transport Fever 2 fans have something to look forward to as the game’s Deluxe Edition is set to release on March 9th and is playable on GeForce NOW. The Deluxe Edition includes exclusive new content and will be available for £39.99.

Players who already own the game can purchase the “Transport Fever 2 – Deluxe Edition Upgrade Pack” DLC, available on the same day, for £8.50 to unlock the new Deluxe Edition content. Along with the DLC, a free game update will also be released on the same day, introducing significant improvements such as enhanced graphics, controller support and more.

The Deluxe Edition will feature 3 new maps across all landscape types, 6 new historical vehicles, 3 new animals for the three landscape types, and 2 full in-game soundtracks from the two prequels, Train Fever and Transport Fever.

Transport Fever 2, which was originally released in December 2019, has been enjoyed by nearly 1 million players worldwide and has been the fastest growing entry in the series yet. The game offers more than 170 years of real-world technology and history to design and master a transportation empire with a vastly improved feature set, user interface, and expansive modding capabilities.

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