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Today’s Free Game on Epic is Death Stranding. Playable on GFN

Death Stranding, the critically acclaimed action game from developer Hideo Kojima, is today’s free game on the Epic Game Store! This means that players can claim a free copy of the game and add it to their Epic Games library, and it is also playable on GeForce NOW. The game is one of the few that supports achievements on Epic Games

In the game, players control Sam Bridges, a deliveryman who travels across a post-apocalyptic landscape to deliver packages to various locations. Along the way, Sam must navigate through dangerous terrain, avoid hostile creatures, and deal with the psychological effects of the “death stranding,” a mysterious phenomenon that has caused the world to become increasingly isolated and disconnected.

Death Stranding received widespread acclaim upon its release for its innovative gameplay mechanics, rich story, and stunning visuals. The game has won numerous awards and has been praised for its unique blend of action, stealth, and exploration elements. If you enjoy action games with deep narratives and unique gameplay mechanics, you might enjoy Death Stranding.

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