The 5 best games to Showcase Stadia – August 2020

Stadia is an ever involving platform and games will be consistently added to to the platform. This list is not the best games on the platform but the what games showcase Stadia. We will regularly do these articles going forward as new games will come to Stadia.

5. Grid

Grid has turned into quite an essential Stadia game. This is down to two main reasons. The first reason is that Grid on Stadia has a unique feature that is only available on the platform. On Stadia you can participate in 40 car races which you cannot do on any platform including PC. This is a really fun and enjoyable way to play Grid and turns the game into chaos!

The second reason is Sunny Cloud Gaming runs a weekly 40 car race in Grid. These have become a mainstay of the Stadia community. Each Saturday at 7pm UK, 2pm Eastern, and 11am Pacific Sunny runs this event and is very popular among the community. You can check it out on his channel.

4. Mortal Kombat 11

The reason I include this on my list is at the time of writing this is the game that is getting tested for Crowd Play. Mortal Kombat 11 is being used as the testbed of the Crowd Play and the way it is being implemented brings back memories of queuing up in the arcade. This makes me a little nostalgic about the arcade. Watching people play and waiting for your turn patiently.

On top of the Crowd, Play features Mortal Kombat 11 is a well-received game. There are many new and returning characters and it plays great on Stadia. A lot of people love the game on Stadia and some people have organized tournaments for Mortal Kombat 11 as well.

3. Destiny 2

When I am asked what game should people try on Stadia from a console background my answer is Destiny 2. For me, Destiny 2 feels like a dramatically different from the console versions. There a number of notable changes with the Stadia version with the two big ones being 60 fps, load times, and install size.

With the actual gameplay playing it at 60 fps it makes such a big difference and at times it feels like a different game. Going back to console this is very noticeable and once you see and feel it going back to console is hard. This is also true for the load times. Stadia loads up so much quicker because of the SSDs it uses getting in and out of different planets isn’t a chore. One that would get overlooked is how much the Destiny 2 takes to install. With Stadia you do not need to worry about this!

2. Crayta

Out of all the games on this list, Crayta has the most potential to be a so-called system seller for Stadia. Crayta is Stadia exclusive, for the foreseeable future, and is a game that you can play or make games. If you are just looking to play games Crayta is there for you and there are new games being added all the time. If one of these games takes of Crayta could be the game on Stadia.

One of the overlooked parts of Crayta is that it gives you a game development kit in the cloud. This removes a massive barrier for people who want to learn to make games as powerful hardware is not required. Crayta allows you to create by using just a controller or in advanced mode you can learn to code and make more complicated games. Crayta is the game that shows the potential of Stadia but it’s not quite there yet.

1. The Division 2

For me, the game that shows off Stadia the best is The Division 2. This game is noticeably better than the console. The game runs at 60 fps which is better than the console and arguably looks better than console as well. The Division 2 feels like a true step up from the console versions.

On top of this is the big reason why The Division 2 showcases Stadia is Stream Connect. This feature allows you to see your squadmate’s screen while playing. Stream Connect has been added to other games but this is the best implementation and shows how it could change gaming in the future. After playing The Division 2 on Stadia you can see the possibilities of Stream Connect in games like Rainbow 6 Seige.

What would your top 5 games that showcase Stadia be?

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