The 4th Baldurs Gate 3 Community Update is about Combat and Stealth

Larion Studios has given an update about how Combat and Stealth will work in Baldurs Gate 3. The post which is available on Steam explains the changes they have made to combat system.

Since the initial gameplay reveal in February, we totally overhauled the order of combat. Early Access means change, and change is shaped by feedback and testing over time. BG3’s combat is now set so that each combatant takes a turn at a time but there’s a twist. If multiple combatants of the same faction follow one another in the turn order, then you can simultaneously command each of them.

Stealth is also a big part of Baldur’s Gate 3 – if you want it to be – and it goes hand in hand with the game’s great sense of verticality, and ability to shove people. Sneaking is a really useful technique for positioning your party prior to the initiative roll, ensuring you get the first strike. Using stealth, it’s perfectly viable to sneak into a camp, avoid being seen, and roll crits to victory. With a little thought comes the perfect ‘shove’.

I recommend checking out the full post on Steam.

Baldurs Gate is coming to PC and Stadia. For Stadia it will feature Stadia Only features and will also have Cross Platform Multiplayer.

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