Age of Darkness: Final Stand Review

Age of Darkness: Final Stand

Fight off hordes of nightmarish creatures in this top down medieval RTS called Age of Darkness: Final Stand. Create your town and build up your defenses to survive the night. Explore during the day for extra resources and treasure and defend the city when darkness falls. Make your final stand in this dark and eerie world!

Visuals and Music:

The visuals in this game have some great contrast to the brown thatch roofs and walls to the blueish green enemies that lurk the woods. Colors stand out brilliant in this game. Enemies could use a bit more variance. You mainly see tons of the creatures on all fours that are like ghouls of sorts. There is also axe creatures, spear ones, and 4-legged spiderlike creatures, as well as, Elite Nightmares you can face during the night. Audio ties all this aesthetic in with the deep drums and the eerie music. The music picks up and really hypes you up when the swarm comes out on the death night.


Unfortunately since this game is early access, the scenarios are not complete, and the only available game mode is survival. As for the main concept of the story, you build and create a well defended town against an ever growing threat of horrors and nightmares that come rushing from the woods at night.


Gameplay is very much like the RTS games before it, and very reminisce of Warcraft or Starcraft. Set up farms for food, lumber stations for wood, mine for stone and metal. Housing increases your available civilians to work buildings or turn into soldiers to fight and defend against the horrors. There is only one available hero at this time out of 3 total heroes planned. You can upgrade your hero with special abilities as they level up, and you can also upgrade each type of troops with bonuses (which will be a resource cost). I do wish the hero had more of a skill tree rather than just three abilities to use.

They offer a wide variety of defenses with ballistae, siege vehicles, and archer towers. They have to be manned to work so keeping a good supply of townsfolk is key. These defenses are key to surviving a swarm as this game has a technology called “Swarmtech” which helps allow the game to render over 70,000 enemies on screen at any time. The Death Nights are great and I love that they have elite nightmares to fight during the night for rewards as well. Really good job with variety of defenses and units as well as rewards for risking your units in the night.


Age of Darkness: Final Stand offers a very cool RTS with a lot of potential, but is lacking more heroes and the scenario mode which I think would boost this game even higher. It is a really good concept for an early access title with the swarmtech which makes the Death Nights exciting and a bit stressful with the large amounts of enemies at once. Beautiful colors and great music that fits the theme and tone. Fun, classic RTS style gameplay with some great options for the player, but I wish we had a bit more depth with a story of some sort. Very good game so far, and I will be watching for the scenarios to release for this one. Definitely recommend for those who love RTS games!

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

The game is available to purchase on Steam.

41 Hours Review: Rise of a new Serious Sam?

41 hours starts off with Ethan, a man with a cyborg ally Lea, fighting against the time traveling elite soldiers, robots, and….zombies? Ethan’s world is due to be destroyed in 41 hours by the Demiurge, and it’s up to you to stop him. Travel to the forest, beach, and desert fighting these minions of the Demiurge and defeat hordes of enemies in this action-packed FPS. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then this might be the game for you. While this sounds like a blast, let’s weigh in on if this is a game you might enjoy. 

Visuals and Music:

The game tries for a fairly realistic aesthetic, but the assets feel a bit muddy and blurry even at 1080p. I was curious about if it was the game or GeForce Now, so I double checked the game on my own PC. The game has a blurry visual style all throughout the game with comic-like sections for story beats. Guns and UI look standard and fine. Nothing too detailed or refined. Enemies look pretty standard. A soldier here or a robot there. Nothing too exceptional. Music is pretty good. A catchy doom-like metal track for combat and a more somber music for out of combat/story sections.


The story of fighting time traveling robots is wacky fun that I like, though I wish they doubled down with goofy voices for characters and go all in for the silliness. I wish they explained the main character a bit more before jumping us right into the action because I’d want to understand why he’s here and fighting. I also think they should have expanded a bit more with Lea to help grow our attachment with her. Story was decent, but could definitely be improved a bit.


Gameplay is both good and bad. It plays a lot like Serious Sam. Waves of enemies in open areas for the most part with small mini-bosses. Definitely needs some more variation in the enemy department. You are a scientist and with that comes fun sci fi powers. Ethan can make himself invisible with his cloak, slow down time, send Lea to explode enemies, and use telekinetic powers. You will want to use these abilities as the game is pretty difficult. Stealth and Slow-Mo saved my life many times. Most of the abilities are great, but Lea’s speed needs to be sped up to the target and the telekinesis needs to be easier to use for combat.

The game throws objectives on higher places which forces you to use telekinesis to get to these upper areas, which can hinder the pacing of the game greatly. Personally, I think they should cut these out and make them entirely solvable from ground level and make telekinesis good for enemies. Maybe it can be used to remove armor plating off robots?

Gunplay is pretty good, but my thoughts on the guns? Needs more guns and more power. Guns fire well, but I felt that some of them were severely underpowered. With only 6 different guns to use, I think they should have added some power weapons in the game to spice up the endgame and make for a grandiose finale.


41 hours plays a lot like an early access Serious Sam. I ran into a few issues with bugs/glitches, and some of the assets and AI aren’t super polished. Can’t shoot through windows, enemies don’t go in houses, etc. I think with some extra polishing, and adding a few of the suggestions I listed above this game could easily go above a 3 out of 5 for me. Decent game for a small studio, and I hope they continue to work to make an even better experience. Overall, I recommend it to those who love Serious Sam and want a similar experience, but for those not really into Serious Sam I would say this one is a pass. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

Dead by Daylight goes cross progression

Dead by daylight now has cross progression go and register your account NOW.

The Behaviour Account for Dead by Daylight is live create an account and you can cross progress with Steam & Stadia with more platforms to come.

What is cross progression:

Cross-Progression allows you to synchronize your game progression and your inventory (DLCs, purchases, skins) on several platforms.

Dead by Daylight Stadia Trailer

Baldurs Gate 3 Early Access Maybe coming August

During the Guerrilla Initiative event, we received more news about Baldur’s Gate 3. During the presentation, it was announced that the game is targetting Early-Access for August. It was said that both platforms PC and Stadia will receive early access at that time. The trailer below also seems to show that there has been an upgrade to the visions of the game.

It was also announced that further footage of the game will be shown before Dungeons and Dragons live on June 18. Viewers will then decide to kill an enemy or go to the Underdark. Could this be a live demo of Stadia’s Crowd Choice feature? We already know that Baldur’s Gate 3 will introduce Stadia only features and also Cross-Platform multiplayer.

We will have more on Baldur’s Gate 3 as we get it.

Cris Tales Dated and coming to Stadia, Current and Next-Gen

It has now be revealed, during yesterdays events, that Cris Tales is coming out on November 17th on Stadia, Switch, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is also coming to the next generation consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X at a later date. Cris Tales has a demo available on Steam and also on GOG and this has also been updated to include new enemies and also the never seen before Colosseum battle mode.

Cris tales is descibed as

Cris Tales is a classically inspired RPG where past, present and future are brought together on one screen. Players can use Crisbell’s amazing ability to slip between eras, aiding citizens across Crystallis’ kingdoms and pushing enemies to points in time for an upper hand in battle. Cris Tales’ hand-drawn, Colombian-inspired world is a charming pairing of fantasy, with tributes to real-world architecture and landmarks, making every step of this enthralling journey a delight to explore.

We will have more on Cris Tales in the coming months.

More hints of Steams Cloud Gaming solution

Pavel Djundik who works on SteamDB has uncovered more information about Steams cloud gaming solution in the latest Steam update. The findings seem to indicate that there will be a time limit and also there will trials as well. The full tweet is below.

Embr Review – Fiery Fun

Firing its way to Steam and Stadia this week in Early Access is Embr a co-op firefighting game. We have been lucky enough to get a Steam code for the game for review purposes and what we can say is the game is a lot of fun. For this review, we will be looking at through the lens of a Stadia player. Embr places you into the role of a Firefighter for hire and you go round the neighborhood putting out fires and saving the residents.

This game is built for co-op play from the ground up but manages to tiptoe around the issue of solo play. Playing the game as a single-player doesn’t feel like a struggle as some co-op games do. However, the game is made to shine in co-op mode and that’s where the fun really takes off.

The game’s tutorial is a great example of how a tutorial should be done. It is fun and makes you want to play about in the tutorial section of the game. The game’s mechanics are shown off to great effect and the humor of the game shines as well. During the tutorial, you learn about your main equipment. These are your hose, axe, and PDA which identifies where the people are located. You can make your own fun even this opening level and you can mess around with the different features of the game.

Main Game

The main game can be played as serious or as light-hearted as you would like. The main objectives stay the same for most of the levels. Usually, you will need to rescue various people along with bonus objectives like finding the money or bringing some loot to your car. You can save the residents in various ways be that the safe way or throw them from buildings or through windows!

There is also some light puzzle elements in the game as well. Electricity is in the game and that is used as both help and hindrance in the game. As you are firefighter you use water to put out fires. Water conducts electricity so if you spray a room where there are electric cables about be warned! Sometimes however you will want to conduct the electricity to get some items or to open up new sections of the buildings.

Also in the game, there are other hazards. Gas, which kills you, exploding barrels which kill you, while dealing with the fire which kills you along with the electricity which kills you. You are a firefighter so everything is dangerous.

Multiplayer just adds more help and obstacles into the mix. Your co-op partners can make the level so much easier or just troll you and try to kill your character. Like all good co-op games, Embr embraces these two types of peoples. If you get into the right co-op group the game in multiplayer is extremely fun and enjoyable. With cross-platform multiplayer being in the game at launch, this should help the multiplayer numbers as well.


Embr is a fun game in both single and co-op mode. The game is not perfect and there will be room for improvement going out. The guts of the game are there and there is enough content there to entertain people especially at the games price on Stadia. It is priced $14.99 USD (25% off) for Pro members and $15.99 USD (20% off) for everyone. I would call Embr a perfect fit for Stadia for what platform is trying to achieve. It is a game that will stay in your library and you can bring out when you feel the need to mix things up. With Crowd Play coming to the game this is another game that will be in the game streamers library to mix things up on their streams.

Embr is in Early Access so there will be bugs and issues going out. We feel we should also give a score and then adjust it down the line when it comes out of Early Access.

Fun – I enjoyed my playtime in the game in both single-player and multiplayer modes. Multiplayer is better if you get the right group.

Graphics – I like the cartoony art style and gives the game personality.

General feel – The game is in Early Access and does have bugs but overall the game plays well.