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Super 56 demo out – Game opted into GFN

Super 56 demo available to download and play today, before its early access release on 20th February 2023. The game offers players 56 retro-fueled mini-games, daily challenges, and high-score opportunities as they travel through various gaming genres. The game has opted into GeForce NOW.

With a single button required to control the entire game, including the menu, Super 56 promises to be a fun and easy-to-play experience for gamers of all skill levels. The demo version, which can be downloaded from the Steam store page, features 10 stages from the main game and introduces players to the rivalry between the characters BRONES, KRONOS, and JOHN ZOMBIE. The early access version of Super 56 will feature even more Mod Stones, adding different conditions to gameplay.

As players progress through the game, they can collect coins to purchase customization items, hints on unlocking achievements, and “instruction manual style pages” for each stage. XP progression adds an extra dynamic to the game, with a range of unlockable rewards. The career screen tracks players’ high scores, medals, and achievements, while the Steam leaderboard allows players to compare their scores with the world or their Steam friends.

With 56 brutal stages to master and a range of gaming genres, including karting, fishing, archery, typing, photography, and dating sims, “Super 56” promises to be a fun and genre-bending experience. The game also features 56 achievements to find, daily challenges to keep the game fresh, and a dynamic soundtrack that shifts to match the stage and tempo of the game. So, get ready to button-mash your way through this retro-fueled adventure and experience the outrageous fun of “Super 56.”

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