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Steering Wheel Support coming to GeForce NOW – No Timescales

NVIDIA has announced, during a briefing, that it is actively working on adding steering wheel support to its cloud gaming service, GeForce NOW. This news is a welcome development for racing gamers, as it opens up new possibilities for playing racing games on the platform.

The recent upgrade to the 4080 could make the platform more suitable for sim racing games and with games such as Assetto Corsa already available on the service, it’s an exciting prospect for sim racing enthusiasts. The increase to 120+ fps is key to this possibly becoming a place for sim racers to get their fix along with the addition of steering wheel support.

It’s worth noting that Nvidia hasn’t announced any specific timeframe for the introduction of steering wheel support yet, but the fact that it’s in development is positive news for fans of racing games. The inclusion of this feature will enhance the gaming experience and open up new opportunities for players on the platform. Furthermore, the development could attract more racing games such as iRacing and F1 2022 to the platform. The prospects of having these sims on the platform makes the service more appealing to players who are looking for a more realistic racing experience.


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