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Star Trek Online: Refractions Update Launches, Brings Conclusion to ‘Terran Gambit’ Arc and New Content for 13th Anniversary

Fans of the popular MMORPG, Star Trek Online, can now experience the conclusion of the Terran Gambi” arc and new content with the latest update, Refractions, which launched on PC on January 24th The update, which marks the 13th anniversary of the game.

The new season will feature the conclusion of the “Terran Gambit” arc, where players will find Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher has merged with The Other and now wields its terrifying power. The Federation must find a way to put a stop to the emperor’s reign of terror as he makes a course to Earth, digitizing everything in his path.

The update will also include Terran versions of legacy Star Trek characters with voice talent from the original actors reprising their iconic roles. Wil Wheaton returns as Terran Emperor Wesley Crusher, along with Gates McFadden as Terran Dr. Beverly Crusher, and Chase Masterson as Terran Admiral Leeta.

In addition to the new episode, Fujiwhara Effect, the new season will include a brand new Task Force Operation, “Bird Cage,” which is a five-player ground task force operation that acts as a prequel to the episode Fujiwhara Effect. Players will be tasked with executing a Mirror Universe prison break to free Terran Dr. Beverly Crusher so that she may be able to stop her son from destroying everything and everyone in his path.

The update will also include two new patrols, Jupiter Station and Khonshu Khaibit, a ground and space patrol set within the “Terran Gambit” Mirror Universe story arc. Additionally, the update will include a Picard Season 2 themed lockbox, which will feature the mysterious Tier 6 Worldrazer Temporal Op Juggernaut, as seen in Picard Season 2, along with numerous “Confederacy” and “Watcher” weapons and gear.

To celebrate the game’s 13th anniversary, an event will run from January 24th to February 23rd. During this time, players can earn a new Tier 6 ship, the V’ger themed Compiler Science Dreadnought, collect Omega Fragments, and craft highly desirable Omega Tech upgrades from Q and his much-anticipated Omega Molecule Stabilization Game.

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