Stadia exploring white labeling in a recent job listing

Stadia are currently hiring for a new Product Manager and the job listing says that they are open to partners using their tech to make their own streaming platforms. The full quote is: –

In addition to building our own video game platform, we see an important opportunity to make our infrastructure and tools available to partners who want to build their own interactive streaming platforms. Our goal is to build a long-term, sustainable business that helps grow the industry across gaming and other interactive streaming applications.

What this means is that publishers and developers would be able to run their own cloud gaming platform. For example, you could see an EA Cloud running on the Stadia technology and infrastructure.

It should be said that Stadia will continue to run alongside any white labeling. Ever since the closure of Stadia Games and Entertainment and the statement made by Phil Harrison many people thought that this would happen. This new news will allow people to speculate on both the positive reasons this could bring and also some of the more negative reasons.

People championing the platform will say that White labeling could open up an opportunity for Stadia to get more games. This is because by developing the games for their own streaming platform the games would have been ported to the Stadia. Along with the new development tools that are being rolled out in the coming months there is potential for Stadia to leverage this. While detractors will say this is could signal a further retreat by Stadia.

We have reached out to Stadia for comment. What do you feel

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