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SMITE Launches Fire Giant Update, Uniting with Magic: The Gathering and Introducing New God Surtr and Conquest Map

Today, Hi-Rez Studios has released the massive Fire Giant Update for their third-person action-MOBA game, SMITE. The update marks the beginning of Year 10 and unites the game with Magic: The Gathering. Along with the new God Surtr, the Conquest mode gets an entirely new map, featuring fresh art and layout, new monsters, structures, objectives, and more for the Season of Monsters, the first of four coming in 2023.

The Fire Giant Update also includes a three-month-long event featuring the classic card game, Magic: The Gathering. The crossover was met with enthusiasm as many SMITE players are also fans of the CCG. Five iconic Magic: The Gathering legends have become high-quality SMITE skins, which can be purchased in an in-game hub. The event also includes free rewards for all players and a multitude of cosmetics, such as the Power Nine loading frame.

Surtr, the fiery jungle boss of SMITE, is now a playable Warrior from the Nordic pantheon. His kit is powerful and exciting, featuring abilities like throwing lane minions, summoning fiery imps, and becoming a flaming meteor falling from the heavens. Additionally, Surtr’s ascent to divinity has brought Ragnarok-level destruction to Conquest, SMITE’s most strategic mode.

The new Season of Monsters design affects the entire Conquest battleground, including the jungle, lane structure, and fortified bases on both sides. The new jungle features rogue Cyclops, new buffs, and treasure chests, as well as the Fire Giant’s gargantuan successor at its center. Gameplay-wise, God classes now have stronger identities through class-specific bonus stats, and 45 items have been created, removed, or revamped.

Along with the update, the Battle Pass: Boss Monsters is now live, featuring four new skins for Kukulkan, Cernunnos, Guan Yu, and Arachne. The skins are inspired by the iconic final boss encounters in RPGs.

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