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Sifu is heading to Steam and Xbox with a new game mode

Kung-Fu revenge epic Sifu is set to debut on Xbox and Steam in March 2023, bringing its award-winning martial arts combat to a wider audience. The game, which is already available on the Epic Game Store, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch, has sold 1.5 million copies to date and has received numerous Game of the Year nominations. The launch on Xbox and Steam will be accompanied by a massive free update that includes a new Arenas mode and nine new maps with exclusive challenges.

The Arenas mode in Sifu will offer varying levels of difficulty and will unlock a batch of new modifiers upon completion, expanding the game’s already impressive Kung-Fu palette. Players will also be able to unlock new cheats and outfits as they progress through the Arenas challenges. The update will also include new cheats and modifiers, as well as new outfits for players to choose from.

In addition to the new content, Sifu already boasts a Replay Editor that allows players to create cinematic replays within the game. Set in a fictional Chinese city, the game follows a story of revenge and redemption as players uncover an ancient mystery through difficult confrontations and master their Kung-Fu skills. The game’s magic pendant allows players to revive after death, but each revival comes with a cost – time is the price paid for revenge.

Sifu will be available for $39.99 on Xbox and Steam when it launches in March, with a Steam Deluxe Edition available for $49.99. It’s worth noting that the Epic Store version of the game is already available on GeForce NOW, so it’s possible that the Steam version could also come to the cloud gaming platform in the future. Fans of fast-paced, precise animation and attention to detail will definitely want to keep an eye on Sifu when it arrives on Xbox and Steam in March.

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