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RuneScape Launches New Storyline and Features with Fort Forinthry: New Foundations

RuneScape, the iconic MMORPG by Jagex, has launched a new update today that kicks off a new storyline and introduces new features for the game. The update is called Fort Forinthry: New Foundations and it is the first part of the Fort Forinthry storyline that will span several game updates throughout 2023.

Fort Forinthry: New Foundations follows the epic conclusion of the Elder God Wars, and brings the players to the Wilderness, a dangerous PvP area in the game. The Wilderness was once a prosperous region called Forinthry, but it was devastated by the god Zamorak during the God Wars. Now, Zamorakian forces are threatening Gielinor again, and King Roald and Queen Ellamaria of Varrock have asked the players to build and defend their own fortresses at the edge of the Wilderness.

The update introduces a new Construction skilling method that allows the players to design and build their own fortresses using various materials and blueprints. Construction is a skill that lets the players create and customize their own houses and furniture in the game. The new Construction method will have a low skill requirement, making it accessible for new players who joined the game during the recent Fresh Start Worlds event.

There are four key buildings that the players can construct and upgrade in their fortresses: the Town Hall, the Chapel, the Command Centre, and the Workshop. Each building will provide different benefits and challenges for the players, such as:

  • The Town Hall will introduce a new feature called Rest XP, which will allow the players to earn bonus XP over time when they are logged out or skilling in the fort. Rest XP can be used to boost the XP gain of any skill in the game.
  • The Chapel will allow the players to work on their Prayer skill, which is used to activate various buffs and abilities in the game. The Chapel will also let the players burn any herb as incense, which will increase the XP gain of Prayer and other skills.
  • The Command Centre will allow the players to remotely manage other content they have unlocked in the game, such as their port or base camp. The Command Centre will also give the players access to a new quest called Wilderness Reborn, which will have them exploring the Wilderness and investigating rumours of a Zamorakian civil war.
  • The Workshop will allow the players to access the new Construction training method, make their own planks at the new sawmill, and use workbenches for other skills. The Workshop will also be the place where the players can prepare for the upcoming skilling boss, the Croesus Front, which will be added in a future update.

Fort Forinthry: New Foundations is the first update in the Fort Forinthry storyline, which will continue with more quests, combat and skilling updates, and new buildings and rewards in the future. The storyline will also reveal more about the history and secrets of Forinthry, and the fate of Zamorak and his followers.

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