Resident Evil Showcase: We’re Not Angry, We’re Just Disappointed

So it’s the morning after the night before, is it safe to come out yet?

Last night saw the Resident Evil Village showcase, which left the Stadia and wider cloud gaming community with steam coming out of their ears over the lack of confirmation that the latest title launching on May 7th, making it’s way to the cloud.

With such a defining franchise, anticipation levels were on a high for the showcase event. Not only for the opportunity to hear more about the up-and-coming instalment or to see more game footage but for that all-important announcement, that as community we would be able to be scared out of our skins just like every other gamer when it launches later this year.

Alas no, the only terror that the community suffered was that painstaking moment where the event came and went without any mention of Stadia.

It quickly became one of those moments where the dreaded words came out that you never wanted to hear as a child and now sometimes find yourself use as a parent. We’re not angry, we’re just disappointed.

The question is should we be?

In truth I think the answer is pretty simple.

Firstly, it’s fair to say that I think the vast majority of the community felt like Stadia had really turned a corner in the latter half of 2020 and by no means should any of that work be undermined.

With John Justice’s interview at the end of 2020, it was a clear indication that Stadia’s approach was not going to change. Taking that into account it should be no shock that one of the first showcases of year, became an instance of logo gate.

Stadia clearly have an agenda, an agenda that doesn’t seem to fit those of the other mainstream gaming platforms. They like to be the ones to tell the community that a title is coming to Stadia, even if media outlets like ourselves watch for every rating and report on it prior to any official announcement.

It’s a clear case of perception vs reality. As a community, we support one if not multiple platforms and what we want for those platforms is to succeed.

Now as a result we wholeheartedly believe that the route to success is featuring in every big showcase to show that Stadia has arrived, which is fully warranted because in order for a brand to succeed, just having a good product isn’t going to cut it, if nobody is talking about and it doesn’t have a strong presence, it may not follow the trajectory that people believe it should.

In reality, Stadia has a different viewpoint at this phase in it’s life. Stadia you could say takes it’s inspiration from the famous Fleetwood Mac track “Go your on way” or even Adidas in the fact that “First Never Follows”.

So Stadia will do what they need to do, in order to see out their vision for success in the gaming industry, we may not all agree with it but that’s a choice you have to make, there is no obligation to support the platform but in my opinion, the underlying tech is something worth following and supporting. It’s arrived at a point in time where internet connectivity grows stronger, where the need to access your content should be fast and hassle-free. What it now needs, is to enhance and capitalise on getting the content that will make it a more viable option for the masses.

So should we be angry? No.

Should we be disappointed? I’d say possibly and anyone would have every right to be because at the end of the day, as far as consumer demand goes, we the community have a strong demand for more content, in the shape of the new games that are releasing onto other platforms.

I’d also say that a lot of the disappointment is driven from the leak last year that Stadia reportedly paid Capcom in order to bring Resident Evil titles to the platform and as yet, there is no sign that this is coming to fruition.

Capcom were announced to be supporting the platform, yet nearly 18 months after the platform’s launch, they have as yet not delivered any content. That is fundamentally something that needs to change and change quickly, if they signed on the dotted line to support the platform, they have an obligation in my opinion to deliver on that.

So whilst I understand the disappointment, maybe exercise just an extra little patience as the prospect of Resident Evil on Stadia is not dead yet, more a case of on ice until such times as Stadia possibly do their own thing and make an announcement on their own timeline, not the timeline we expect.

It’s not easy to be a pioneering technology platform, there are good days and there are dark days. It happens, but nothing good should ever be easy.

Nor do you set the world alight by simply doing what everybody else does.

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