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Prison Architect announces the Jungle Pack

Prison Architect: Jungle Pack, the latest addition to the popular prison management simulator, is coming on February 7th. Players can expect a tropical twist on their favorite prison-running game, with new features such as a jungle setting, wooden constructions, and a tropical fever threat.

In this new setting, players must manage a jungle compound complete with wooden furniture, walls, and doors, and even an outdoor cinema. The challenge is further heightened with the introduction of a tropical fever that can spread among inmates. As the Warden, players must implement advanced medical treatment to combat the fever and keep the inmates healthy.

In addition to the jungle setting, players will also find new trees that can be farmed and sold, or chopped down for lumber. With five new flooring types, including one specific for water, Prison Architect: Jungle Pack offers players a different environment to explore and manage.

Alongside the release of Jungle Pack, a free update named The Jailhouse will be released for all players. This update includes improvements to guard behavior, quick build materials, and the deployment scheduler, as well as the introduction of Toby, a Yorkshire Terrier dog. The update also re-balances the Identity Thief reputation and other in-game effects.

Prison Architect: Jungle Pack is set to bring a new level of challenge and excitement to the game, with a tropical twist that is sure to delight players. It is available for a suggested retail price of 2.99 USD, 2.09 GBP, or 2.99 EUR on February 7th.

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