Prime Gaming from Wolock’s View

Hi all the below is just my opinion:

I suspect Project Tempo will actually be Prime Gaming I also suspect it will fall into the Prime Membership which is an amazing price at £7.99 pm the reason I suspect no price increase is because as of January this year the have an estimated 156 million subscribers.

So if you do the maths 156 million x £7.99 pm that’s £1,246,440,000 per month. So when they had their Cloud gaming to the mix with Exclusives and deals with major publishers this will be an amazing service.

So for all those on Prime who already have a world class service I believe they will be a major force in gaming from my experience being a Prime member and working in Customer Service they are the best in the World, love them or hate them when they drop this service it’s going to be good for al Cloud gaming and as the big wigs said at Xbox their main competitors will be Amazon and Google so I suspect they see Amazon the same way I do.

As I said this is my opinion I suspect I could be right until next time all.



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