Nine to Five leaves early access adds achievements – Stadia GFN

If you play Nine to Five on Stadia or GeForce NOW and your an achievement hunter good news they have been now been added in a new update. This is a free to play game in the mould of a Counterstrike Go had some attention on it when it first launched on Stadia a number of weeks ago. The game features cross platform multiplayer however the player base does not seem to be to high and is a gripe with the users of Steam.

With the game coming out of Early Access it is adding a number of enhancements to the game. These include :-

  • A New Map – Huxwell Clinic
  • A New Corporation – Milodyne
  • A New Weapon Dealer – Apex
  • Achievements
  • Events and more

In their Steam announcement they also layout a roadmap for the next number of months for Task Events. Also included are a number of bug fixes and improvements. For GeForce NOW users they have added Nvidia Reflex tech and for Stadia there are a number of Stadia specific fixes.

We are hoping that these updates breathe some new life into the game. Will you be playing with this new update?

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