Little Nightmares Review – Eerily Exquisite

Developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Little Nightmares revived our childhood fears and delivered a puzzle platformer that would surpass 2 million copies sold on its way, creeping on to cloud gaming with Stadia earlier this year.

Tarsier studios describe Little Nightmares as;

“A distorted place that exists somewhere between dreams and reality, where children are left to face the horrors of the world alone, searching for hope amidst the dead meat and old shoes of The Maw.

Armed with nothing but a lighter and a bright yellow raincoat, our little hero Six begins a perilous journey to the surface and a fateful meeting with The Lady.”
(Quote taken from Tarsier webstie)

We recently strapped ourselves in, donned our little yellow coat and played our way through this beautifully crafted, yet terrifying tale

Little Nightmares encompasses between 7 to 8 hourse of gameplay as you work through it’s 5 chapters. Each chapter will provide you with a variety of tense scenarios where your mind will be tested as you attempt to solve it’s intricate puzzles that will guide you to safety.

The mechanics of the game are pretty straight forward and leaving you little to figure out. The elements of control that you will have over Six are, a full range of movement, running (whilst stamina allows it), crouching, picking items ups, throwing items, grabbing large items to drag them across the rooms, a single jump, you can also hang on to items that will transport you through the air in certain environments.

We found that by the time you’ve played your way through the first level which serves as bit of a tutorial, you are set for the rest of the game. The one tip we will give you is that camera perspective will be key as you progress to avoid any frustrating and unexpected falls.

Six is trapped in The Maw and it’s your job to navigate her to safety avoiding all of the dangers that it brings, from hazards to creepy characters that will stop at nothing to get their hands on you. Using your wit to help Six escape The Maw.

Visuals & Sound
Naturally this game is designed to be dark, but that doesn’t stop Tarsier bring you impactful, well detailed and beautifully crafted environments. Aside of that, they have done a fantastic job at bringing you grotesque antagonists that will be sure to have you creeped out.

The other stand out elements of the game visually, is how well their attention to detail has been applied in the lighting, using shadows to easily illustrate that you have a safe place to hide when you need it. The other thing that stood out is how smooth the visual experience was when playing on my Chromecast Ultra, with no experience of any stuttering or input lag throughout the game from start to finish.

When it came to the sound, this was another element where the developers excelled. Whether being played on surround sound or through a steel series headset, I found it to be every bit the immersive sound that you need from an atmospheric horror. Every footstep, breath, floorboard creak, sufficiently puts you on edge of your seat whilst the background music will heighten the tension.

I thoroughly enjoyed Little Nightmares, a dark and twisted tale but a story with hope, opportunity and strength based on a character that does everything to demonstrate under your control that she’s not just another child destined to be stuck in The Maw. Little Nightmares is still available to be claimed for Pro subcribers and you can also get the the Complete edition which include the Secrets of The Maw expansion pass for $29.99.

A thrilling adventure that was suspenseful, keeping us hovered over the edge of our seats. A game not to be missed and left us hoping the sequel comes to Stadia.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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