Lemnis Gate Preview – Strategic and Time-Bending Chaos

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had the honor of playing Ratloop Games’ time-twisting turn-based strategy FPS Lemnis Gate. You’ve probably seen the trailers and the gameplay footage during E3, and you could be wondering how it works and whether it’s for you. Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s definitely worth your time.


Lemnis Gate is a 1v1 or 2v2 experience taking place over 5 rounds consisting of 25 seconds. In your first round, you will pick a character, and in those 25 seconds, your character will aim to capture one of the zones, retrieve exotic material or destroy your opponent’s resistors.

Once those 25 seconds are up, that character is sealed within the time loop, and you can no longer change what they do. Your opponent will then pick a character and can choose to either take the objective relevant to the mode or kill your character. If they are successful, your action in the first round is undone, and the time loop is changed permanently.

Back to you, and you can now choose to take an objective or kill your opponent, undoing their action. This continues until each player has played 5 characters and whoever holds the most zones or exotic material (XM) wins.

What you end up with is a constantly evolving fight, where actions from each round change the final outcome. Strategy is everything, and the smallest of actions can result in stunning victories or devastating consequences. On more than one occasion, a stray rocket or slime pool has killed one of my own characters, thus undoing their action. This concept of the Butterfly Effect makes for incredibly exciting and tense games.

Whilst your opponent moves, you get the option to watch the 25 seconds unfold from a drone above the battle. The key to survival and success is watching your opponent’s moves and countering them; be that applying a shield onto one of your characters to prevent them from death or dropping a turret where the enemy will be to kill one of their characters.


Bringing in a roster of 7 balanced but different characters is not an easy task, but Ratloop have done an excellent job. Each character is distinctive enough to bring their own strengths without being overpowered or underutilized. The sniper character Striker, for example, does a high damage output, whilst also possessing the ability to slow time very briefly, which comes in handy when you need to wipe out an enemy which is causing you some issues mid-game.

Knowing when to deploy these different characters and use their abilities can really turn the tide of the game in your favour. Characters can’t be upgraded, but there is different cosmetic options that will be unlocked, and I’m sure they will add to this and possibly even add more characters as time goes on.

Each character also comes with some backstory to build upon the lore of the game. It would be amazing in the future to see a single-player variation with it’s own story, as it’s clear from the developer diaries the team have put a lot of time and thought into the overarching story, rather than it being just another multiplayer FPS.

Final Opinions and What’s Next

As of a couple of days ago, the game was pushed back until September to make sure the experience is as good as it can be, and that’s completely understandable. I will say though, the beta I played through worked absolutely flawlessly. This game will be available on the cloud through Xbox Cloud Gaming at release, but the beta ran on Steam, and even on my older hardware I had no real issues at all. 

This game also looks incredible too. The environments are all varied and show off spectacular vistas in the far reaches of space, as well as dense thick jungles laboratories. Getting to know the different environments will also prove beneficial to creating strategies, as there’s plenty of paths and areas to explore to gain an advantage.

The beta officially opens on PC today (July 22nd) and will run until July 26th, giving you the chance to experience this chess-like sci-fi FPS for yourself. I would strongly advise giving this a try, as my initial thoughts of it being too complicated were very quickly put aside after playing the tutorial and experiencing a match for myself.

I can very easily see this becoming a very popular title for competitive players, and potentially this could even become an eSports title down the line. It’s a game that’s very easy to learn but takes time to effectively master the game and craft the best strategies. I have no doubt we will see high-level gameplay soon, and I cannot wait to see how players explore the characters to get the best from them.

Lemnis Gate will arrive September 28th, time-jumping its way onto PC, Xbox Series X/S (including Game Pass and Cloud Gaming), and PlayStation 4/5.

This beta code was supplied by Frontier, and I extend thanks on behalf of everyone at Cloudy With a Chance of Games for giving me the opportunity to play and write about this game 

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