Interview with Muse Games about Embr

We had the pleasure of speaking to Howard of Muse games about the launch of Embr which is coming to Stadia this Thursday. We talked about influences and Stadia only features!

Where did you get the idea for Embr?

HT: It really started when we were stuck in an 8-hour traffic jam back from a gaming convention called MAGFest 3 years ago. We of course chatted about games and started jamming on ideas. There was nothing else to do! We remembered the Brave Firefighters arcade game that we all loved. We started dissecting what made that game so fun, and we realized that there hadn’t been an attempt in co-op firefighting in a long time. The idea of exploring the mechanics and theme started that day. 

Embr is a game that has been built for co-op while catering for the solo player.  Did you want to make a co-op game from the get-go and what’s your memories of co-op games?

HT: Yeah definitely. Co-op adds a teamwork dimension, which we really loved and wanted to bring out. And we felt from the beginning that co-op is a great fit with the firefighting mechanics, where multiple players would work together and coordinate in a frantic setting against an amorphous and ever-present enemy or threat. While Brave Firefighters was the primary inspiration, other co-op games, especially those with time-management mechanics such as Overcooked, inspired us as well. 

I am not sure if you are aware but Embr is the first Early Access game on Stadia.  Were you aware of this?  Also, how does it feel to be a trailblazer in this regard?

HT: Yes! We’re definitely proud to be the first Early Access game on Stadia. It’s always exciting and humbling to be able to play a role in helping to bring a new problem to light. The Stadia team has been super supportive of us, and we can’t thank them enough. 

Embr is a first on Stadia game. How did the arrangement with Stadia come about?

HT: We were showing an earlier prototype of the game at conventions last year, and we were fortunate enough to have gotten interest from the Stadia team. We just followed up and updated from there. 

How has the process been with getting the game onto Stadia?

HT: Stadia is a new platform, and so there are things related to a new platform that we had to learn to navigate and trial a bit. The Stadia team has been super supportive in helping us to resolve any issues that came up though, and they’ve been great in communicating with us. 

I have been enjoying playing the game and while playing I was thinking that this game would be perfect for two Stadia only features in Crowd Play and Stream Connect.  Are there any plans in implementing these into the game further down the line?

HT: Crowd Play we’ll be working on. Stream Connect we’ll also evaluate in the future. We’ll probably focus on supporting Crowd Play and trying to make that happen first. 

For Steam is there support for Mods coming?

HT: We can definitely look at player feedback during Early Access and see if there’s interest and how we can best support it. We do have quite a bit of contents and features planned as updates during Early Access that we’re excited to share with everyone. So stay tuned! 

I see on Steam it is listed as having Cross-Platform multiplayer available at launch or will that be coming later?

HT: Cross-platform play between Steam and Stadia will be available at launch! 

Lastly, where do you see the game in 6 months?

HT: We’re planning quite a bit of contents and features during Early Access. We’ll be expanding the business and services of Embr, from the core of client rescue and salvage of valuables, to a new service called Embr Eats. Additionally, we’ll be starting work on campaigns with a series of missions of escalating danger. We’ll also be working on expanding Embr coverage to more neighborhoods, with brand new missions and hazards. More tools in the Embr leasing program are also on the way! 

Embr comes to Steam and Stadia on Thursday in Early Access!

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