Interesting New Ubisoft Job Listing Relating to Stadia

In the past day or so, a new job listing at Ubisoft has come to light, which relates specifically to Stadia. I will say that it could lead to speculation of further titles that should be made their way to Stadia.

First up, let’s take a look at what the job description says:

Job Description

As the Google Compliance specialist tester, you will oversee the support of console standards. You will ensure that the game meets all of the manufacturer’s (Google Stadia) technical requirements.


  • Methodically verify each Stadia Technical Requirement (STR) standard;
  • Advise production teams on STR standard use;
  • Read, assess and verify return reports from the manufacturer;
  • Effectively identify the rules for reproducing bugs;
  • Provide detailed descriptions of the issues and reproduction rules;
  • Based on the STR, provide clear and detailed solutions to issues;
  • Follow up on the issues compiled in the database;
  • Draft reports on the tests that are carried out and update the test documents provided by the certification specialist team lead (validation grid, testcase, etc.).

Now what does all of the above mean? Well as we said at the top, it would be pure speculation for what it means in terms of which titles could be coming to the platform.

We can however, clear see that it sets a tone that the person who fulfils the role, will be responsible for testing to ensure that games meet the technical requirements of Stadia as a platform.

This can only be received as a positive thing, as what we are witnessing is a developer in Ubisoft, who is stepping up their commitment to ensure that titles brought to Stadia, meet the requirements and perform in line with console standards in with the manufacturers technical requirements.

We have long said that Stadia should be holding developers and publishers to ensure game performance on the platform. This certainly shows clear signs that this will be happening from Ubisoft. The question that this leaves me with, What has changed? Are Stadia now being more assertive with managing their partners to ensure that their games perform in line with platform capabilities, giving people the best possible experience?

Clearly, Ubisoft has the largest number of games on the platform and this is in my opinion clearly a positive step that has been sparked by something either internally or within the partnership agreement with Stadia.

Be really interested to hear peoples’ thoughts on what they perceive from this job advert, does it put necessary building blocks in place to ensure that maybe more intensive multiplayer games such as Rainbow Six, HyperScape or even Roller Champions can come to Stadia?

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