HUMANKIND Is Coming To Stadia

HUMANKIND is currently available to play on Stadia as an ‘OpenDev Beta’. CLICK HERE to jump in and play. HUMANKIND is brought to us from the Developers ‘Amplitude Studios’ and Publishers ‘Sega Europe’. The Game is available for Pre-Order HERE and will cost you £40.99 but this will not be taken until the game officially releases on April 30th 2021. The OpenDev Beta will be available to play until October 28th.

HUMANKIND™ is Amplitude Studios’ magnum opus, a Historical Strategy game where YOU will re-write the entire narrative of humankind – a convergence of culture, history, and values that allows you to create a civilization that is as unique as you are. HOW FAR WILL YOU PUSH HUMANKIND?

“OpenDev is a new approach to community-driven game development”

We look forward to brining you more news on HUMANKIND!

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