How to Play Borderlands 3 for free on Stadia this weekend and pick up 22 games on top of that!

Borderlands 3 is now free for this weekend to play on Stadia and it also has a weekly event. In order to play it on Stadia, you will need an active Stadia Pro account. So if you are a Stadia Pro user already you will be able to launch the game as you would normally. If you are brand new to Stadia there are a couple of hoops you need to go through.

To create a Stadia account you need Google account. So if you have a Gmail, Google Play account you are sorted! If you do not you will need to create one here. After that, you need to set up a Stadia account. You go to the link here and follow the instructions. You will need a credit card for this as you need to enter your card details to access the free trial. We covered how to do this in a video below.

After you sign up to Stadia Pro you can cancel straight away but you will still have access to the Stadia Pro features till the end of the month. With signing up you will be able to play Stadia on you PC, laptop and mobile phone. To play on TV you will need a Chromecast Ultra and a Stadia controller which can be ordered via the Google Store. You cannot use any other controllers at this time with the Chromecast Ultra.

If you have just signed up to Stadia Pro you can also pick up another 22 games to play. Being a Stadia Pro member means you claim free games each month. At this time there are 22 games available in the library including games like PUBG, Destiny 2, Grid and Crayta. If you cancel you membership you lose access to these games however if you reactive you regain access. There is a Bethesda Sale on and you will be able to pick games up there. If you cancel your Pro membership you still have access to any games you buy. You do not a subscription to play on Stadia.

Welcome to the world of Stadia!

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