GFN Thursday: Ride Through The Galaxy For Another Day in Paradise

It’s the last of this month’s GFN Thursday updates and what a month it’s been for content, features and technology. This week sees 5 games available to stream this week, which may not sound a lot but the quality of the titles brings it on home to wrap up October.

The first thing to cover is that following on from last week’s news of the new RTX 3080 Tier, We explained that Founders and Priority Members had the option to exclusively place their pre-orders before it would be made available for all. Did you get your pre-order in? Let’s hope so as from today that step closer to the cloud’s next generation is available for all to pre-order.

So just to recap, the RTX 3080 Membership is available for $99.99/£89.99 for new members and if you are a founder or priority member that hasn’t pre-ordered yet, then don’t forget that you can still claim your 10% off this price. Signing up is easy and it’s available here .

Confused about the new tiers? What’s Included? What it all means? Then don’t forget that we have a list of videos designed to make the RTX 3080 Membership announcement super easy for you to understand, check them out over on our YouTube Channel

Now that we’ve recapped and reminded you about that, it’s time to talk games. So what do we have streaming on GeForce NOW this week?

Guardians of The Galaxy

The time has finally come as we set off on a galactic adventure with cinematic qualities and all whilst rocking that awesome 80’s soundtrack.

For Founders and Priority Members, it’s time to get your RTXON! That’s right, you read it correctly. Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy is now streaming on GeForce NOW with RTX so that you get the very best of visual quality to add to the epic adventure. Eidos Montreal recently revealed that Marvel had given them full license to create and craft the adventure they wanted to with their own take on the guardians.

With the reviews coming into an overwhelmingly positive response, it’s a game that has to be on many people’s lists to enjoy before the end of the year.

Plus, this October brings a super-awesome reward for GeForce NOW members. Get the in-game Sleek-Lord Outfit for the main character from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy — Star-Lord — and play in style. GeForce NOW members can redeem the outfit today through the Epic Games Store.

That really sets the bar for this week, but if that’s not enough. Check out the other 4 titles available to stream on GeForce NOW this Thursday

● Riders Republic (new game launch on Ubisoft Connect)
● Alan Wake Remastered (Epic Games Store)
● Hide and Shriek (Steam)
● Paradise Killer (Steam)

On the surface you may feel like the end of the month is a little light in terms of the quantity of the games that we are accustomed to being made available each week but looking at the quality we’ve got 2 great new releases, an old friend remastered and of course something to keep you on your toes over Halloween.

October in the world of GFN has been an absolute blast and it’s setting us up in anticipation for a strong finish to 2021. Don’t forget to check back next week as we will be due the monthly overview of what to expect in the month of November.

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