GFN Thursday: November Update is No Recipe For Disaster

Recipe For Disaster

We kick off November with a bang and the team at GeForce NOW are calling this month NOWvember. Those RTX3080 Membership is rolling out to those in North America that have preordered. So if you preordered, check your emails for those confirmations. They are working through the preorders in a staggered fashion until they have been fulfilled.

There’s also further confirmation that if you are located in Europe, preorders will enter enablement in December.

November sees 17 games being made available for game streaming on the service and there are some great picks to look forward to including being able to drop into Core, Recipe for Disaster and Bright Memory: Infinite.

Core is a great place to start as there is a special event taking place, with Members are invited to Oberhasli, a digital world from the mind of DeadMaus that is set to immerse you. To celebrate the launch of Core being available for game streaming, From Friday 19th November to Saturday, November 20th, there will be six showings of the exclusive, interactive, must-experience deadmau5 concert.

Now that we’ve covered those bits, let’s get to the core of November’s game announcements.

Available for streaming this week:

● Recipe For Disaster (new game launch on Steam)
● Let’s Build a Zoo (new game launch on Steam and Epic Games Store)
● Age of Darkness: Final Stand (Steam)
● Road Redemption (Steam)

Also coming in November:
● Bakery Simulator (new game launch on Steam)
● Bright Memory: Infinite (new game launch on Steam)
● Epic Chef (new game launch on Steam)
● Farming Simulator 22 (new game on launch on Steam and Epic Games Store)
● The Last Stand: Aftermath (new game launch on Steam)
● Core (Epic Games Store)
● Ghostrunner (Epic Games Store)
● Legion TD 2 (Steam)
● Lost Words: Beyond the Page (Steam)
● MapleStory (Steam)
● Severed Steel (Steam)

● STORY OF SEASON: Pioneers of Olive Town (Steam)
● Tale of Immortal (Steam)

Apex Legends

Rounding off this week’s news is the latest update to Apex Legends that is available as of November 2nd.

” Welcome Ash, the host of the Arenas and the newest Legend who seeks the imperfections in enemies and then crushes them. Players will also be able to use the newest weapon, the C.A.R. SMG, a flexible weapon for when you’re ready to become the last Legend still standing. Plus, play on the exotic new map, Storm Point, streaming today on GeForce NOW.”

Finally, October on GeForce NOW saw a total of 31 games made available for Game Streaming, but it is also worth mentioning that some games that were due to go live last month have unfortunately not made it. Those games were;

● PC Building Simulator (Epic Games Store), no longer coming to GeForce NOW
● EVE Online (Epic Games Store), coming to GeForce NOW in the near future
● The Escapists (Epic Games Store), coming to GeForce NOW in the near future
● Buccaneers! (new game launch on Steam), new launch date
● Fire Commander (new game launch on Steam), new launch date
● The Unliving (new game launch on Steam), new launch date

Don’t forget to check out our live show, GFNOn, which is available over on our YouTube channel. We cover the news and do a more in-depth look at each of the games going live this week. It’s our weekly show which is all about the games and all about GeForce NOW.

Enjoy the games, Which ones are you playing this month?

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