Get Packed Review – Co-op Chaos

Get Packed is out now for Stadia and the quick review is get it now if you want a multiplayer party game. While the game isn’t too deep for what you do in the game it does it well and is a lot of fun. However, there is a downside in that playing in single-player mode is lacking and there some noticeable bugs with some of them being quite amusing.

In Get Packed your job is that of removal men (and women) and you pack up houses and businesses into your removal van. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well, there is a time limit and items may get damaged or destroyed while trying to move them. There also NPCs as well some are shoppers, security guards, animals, and these also add to the chaos of the game. The biggest hindrance or help is the other people you are playing with. Some players will help in picking the van while others will try and send away your character in the van!

Each level/round lasts 3:30 seconds and this is the perfect length as it gives you the motivation to move fast to pack the van but not short enough to feel unfair. Each level you can get up 3 stars and there are also challenges for each level, for example, packing an animal away in the van. From my playthroughs, some of these challenges would very difficult to do as a single-player and would need some help.

With the single-player mode it is hard to recommend Get Packed in that way. While you can play in single-player the main campaign mode it just isn’t as fun. The game feels that it needs to be played with some sort of multiplayer component.

There are 3 modes in Campaign, Vs and Destruction and these do as they say on the tin. VS two removal vans and whoever packs the most stuff wins and destruction where you try and break as much stuff as possible.

Looking forward Crowd Play will be added to the game which should help the legs f the game as well when streamers start to implement the feature. As the game is on Stadia players will not have to worry about having re-downloading the game so I do believe that the game will be brought out as time goes on for a quick blast now and again.

As this is our first review we mark on 3 things. Fun, Graphics and General look and feel .

Fun – In Get Packed the game is a lot of fun in multiplayer mode however in single player the game loses its charm. Also its a small dosages game and if you play for a longer time it does tend to get a bit repetitive.

Graphics – I like the art style and it suits game and the gameplay.

General feel – For the majority of the game the controls are fine but there are occasions where it is hard to select what you want to select. There were a number of bugs and glitches.

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