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GeForce NOW to Upgrade Three More Servers to 4080 Hardware

NVIDIA has announced that it is updating three more of its GeForce NOW servers to the latest 4080 hardware. The servers in question are located in the US East, US Midwest, and EU Southwest regions, and the update is expected to improve performance and increase the quality of the gaming experience for users in those areas.

The GeForce NOW service has been growing in popularity since its launch, and the hardware upgrades are an important step in keeping up with the increasing demand. The 4080 hardware is the latest and most powerful graphics processing unit (GPU) from NVIDIA, and it is capable of delivering high-quality gaming experiences with smoother gameplay and faster load times.

There is no word yet on when the updates will be completed, but NVIDIA has indicated that it will not be long before the servers are fully upgraded. Once the upgrades are complete, users in the affected regions can expect to see significant improvements in performance and responsiveness when using the service.

The update to the US East, US Midwest, and EU Southwest servers follows similar upgrades to other servers around the world. NVIDIA has been steadily updating its servers to the latest hardware in order to provide the best possible gaming experience for its users.

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