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GeForce NOW Thursday – 1 Game added but we have a recap of GFN News!

It’s a slow news week for GeForce NOW as the holiday season approaches, with only one game being added to the cloud gaming service this week: Dinkum. Players who are looking for new titles to try out on the service will have to wait a little longer, as Dinkum is the only game currently scheduled for release.

In Dinkum, players can build their own towns, start farms with crops and animals, craft items to decorate their towns, play solo or with friends, go fishing and bug catching, explore caves, and hunt and survive in the wild. They can also customize their characters and homes, and buy or find rare items to use in the game. The game is set on an island inspired by the Australian outback, and features seasons and temperature shifts, as well as iconic Australian animals like giant wombats.

It may be a slow official news out of GeForce NOW but this past couple of days you may have missed these stories.

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