GeForce NOW enters beta September 22 for Australia

Good news for Aussie gamers as GeForce NOW enters beta on September 22. The beta will include access to the full GeForce NOW library that stands at over 1000 games and 94 free to play games. This will also include the same features as GeForce NOW including RTX, access to the different store fronts and playing games on different. It has been stated that they are looking to stress test over the beta program. What this means is that they want people playing games but also pushing the service to the limits! So go play the RTX enabled games to your hearts content.

The platform is run by Pentanet and they will be offering rewards for your account via

Inside CloudGG, you’ll be able to complete Quests, gain Achievements and earn Multipliers on your account!

This is welcome expansion for cloud gaming as a whole. Australia has been one of the most vocal areas of wanting cloud gaming and this is great to see!

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