GeForce Now Adding 6 New Games + Ubisoft Account Linking

The countdown to 2022 is on, but GeForce Now Thursday is still bringing some more news as the year closes out. It’s been a fantastic year for GFN, but there’s always room for some more games, and as always, they deliver.

Small Updates, Big Impact

As well as some new games, we’ve also got an update for the GFN app coming today. Within this update (version 2.0.36), you will now be able to link your Nvidia and Ubisoft accounts, meaning you will be able to skip the sign-in process and get straight to the games. This has been a heavily requested feature and we’re glad to see the team working on bringing it to life!

As well as this, there’s some improvements for streaming on Mac devices, most notably the MacBook Pro M1 Max and MacBook Air M1. This means the ideal aspect ratio will be given to Pro M1 Max users, and a resolution of 1600p on the M1 Air and Pro thanks to the new 3080 memberships. Forget what they say: yes, you can game on Mac’s, and it looks good.

Games Coming This Week

We get 6 titles to experience this week, with four new day-and-date releases! This week, you can make (or break) friendships in the craziest ways possible in Monopoly Madness, design and run your own ruthless prison in Prison Architect and become the world’s most annoying goose. Honk!

Monopoly Madness

Beating someone at Monopoly? Great fun. Immediately grabbing Park Lane and bankrupting your friends and family early in the game? Priceless. But what if you could make your normal board game a bit more… mad? Well, madness is the name of the game (literally)! Ride a bulldozer and go through buildings or use a jackhammer to destroy properties and get the upper hand and bragging rights.

“Our favorite Real-Estate Mogul is going on a well-earned vacation and he’s looking for a temporary stand-in. The method of selection? A race for fame and fortune. This time the rules have slightly changed. MONOPOLY Madness brings the MONOPOLY experience into the arena for the first time ever. Roam the chaotic streets of MONOPOLY City, collect resources, buy, and upgrade properties, mess with your opponents, and avoid their tricks to win the race for riches. This is madness!”

Monopoly Madness is available December 9th through Ubisoft Connect.
Here’s a look at what else is coming this week:
White Shadows (new game launch on Steam, December 7)
Monopoly Madness (new release on Ubisoft Connect, December 9)
Anno 1404 History Edition (free on Ubisoft Connect, December 6-14)
Prison Architect (free on Epic Games Store, December 9-16)
Super Magbot (Steam)
Untitled Goose Game (Epic Games Store)

That’s a wrap for GFN Thursday once more! As always, we thank you for your support throughout the year and with our upcoming Cloud Gaming Awards. Game on and enjoy the calm before the storm of new titles in 2022!

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