Five of The Best: Stadia’s Top 5 Games of Year 1

As we approach the half way point in October, close in on the end of Year 1 for Stadia, there’s no better time to take a look at my top 5 games on Stadia.

Especially before we get some of those huge titles we are all looking forward to, land on the platform.

I’m going in reversed order for this one, so without further a do, let’s take a look.

In at number 5, it’s GYLT

Stadia’s eerie exclusive burst it’s way onto our screens what seems like an eternity ago now, in November 2019.

You roam the deserted town of Bethelwood in search of your cousin Emily, who has gone missing. A world filled with devilish and terrible creatures, looking to catch you out with every turn.

The was created exclusively for Stadia by developer, Tequila Works. The team behind the hugely popular title Rime.

I felt Gylt is deserving of it’s spot in my top 5, this spine tingling puzzler was an enjoyable and challenging experience. Best experienced in a darkened room with that gaming headset on, so you can soak up every ounce of the atmosphere that the game strives to deliver.

If you haven’t delved into Gylt yet, I firmly believe you should set aside some time to experience it.

Up next, it’s Red Dead Redemption 2 at number 4.

I had to include this trip to the wild west, as it delivers a story that is engaging and keeps you entertained throughout each of it’s 6 chapters and 2 epilogues.

It delivers stunning visuals and load times that we’ve all been craving. It was one of the first titles on the platform where I seriously noticed the benefit of a game streaming service.

Following the events of Blackwater, Dutch and the crew are trying to find that new place called home, stay out of any trouble and most importantly evade the law.

Rockstar’s title, that originally launched on the current generation of consoles, was a launch title for Stadia and generally speaking has been an extremely popular title.

There have been regular sales for the varying editions which have proved all too tempting for people to jump in and enjoy this superb title for possibly the second time.

The only area that I would say lets this title down on Stadia is the online element, which at times can be very much like being out in the wilderness as you feel like your roaming around the beautiful world alone. For this reason, it can’t reach any higher that 4th on the list.

It’s time for number 3! Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

This retro throwback has certainly made it’s mark on not only me but across the community.

For those of us old enough it does a fantastic job at taking you back to that point in time, where the platformer was as good as it got and consumed every minute of your gaming time.

Monster Boy is visually stunning and really does bring good vibes that put’s a seriously big smile on your face right as the game loads. That upbeat music, friendly faces do everything they can to lure you in to that false sense of security that this is going to be a gentle side scroller, Oh how wrong could you be. It’s far from it and you will be challenged with puzzles galore and bosses that will have you screaming at the tv.

It’s a modern classic as you battle to overcome the chaos created by Uncle Nabu. You’ll navigate these smooth worlds as Jin as you take on some weird and wonderful forms. From boy, to pig to snake and all the rest.

Truly, a wonderful game that will drive you insane at times but keeps you coming back for more. All in all, the perfect balance.

It’s the time for the final two. In at number 2, it’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

It goes without saying that the Assassins Creed franchise has had it’s ups and downs along the way but the original test game for Project Stream, has delivered an immersive experience, in story and in visuals.

Ubisoft have been an early adoptor and a truly valued partner of the platform, it’s clear to see they could see it’s potential from the outset.

Odyssey takes you on a engaging story through ancient Greece. It offers you the choice to take on the adventure as either Alexios or Kassandra.

A game that with it’s main narrative and all of the side quests, additional content will see you occupied for hours galore, is a truly beautiful experience on Stadia.

You’ll be fighting your way through vibrant, popping scenery as you look to topple the antagonists looking to suppress society, who are looking to rule the lands.

The franchises 11th major release and a first on Stadia, a game that deserves to be experienced but you will need to invest your time to make any progress.

Over the past 12 months we’ve seen the base, and Stadia Ultimate edition on sale, so if you don’t own it already, time your purchase carefully to avoid feeling buyers remorse.

After some time re-appreciating this title on Stadia, I can safely say it builds excitement for the next instalment, AC Valhall, which arrives on November 10th.

Well, we’ve reached that point, thank you for sticking with it. It’s time for my number 1…. The Division 2

Another of Ubisoft’s catalogue, this one taking the top spot. So why you ask?

This third person shooter, especially in 2020 tells a story that at some points has felt all too close to home amidst a pandemic but that’s not why it’s number 1 on my list.

Division 2 looks spectacular and delivers visual fidelity that is breath taking. It harnesses the power of the platform and showcases a unique feature. Stream Connect. When playing online with friends (That are using Stadia) you will find mini windows in your game that shows exactly where you squad are and whether they are in trouble. A feature that quite genuinely adds a dimension that we probably in some cases, never even realised that we wanted.

The base games takes place in Washington at a point where the world is in dire need of assistance from agents in the face of rebel groups causing havoc.

DLC will then lead you to NYC to take on the warlords in a twisted take on a post virus, apocalyptic world.

With a variety of game modes from Campaign, Co-Op to PVP in the Dark Zone. You are not short for choices as you grind your way through the map and gear levels.

We recently entered season 3 with 5 new targets to take down and then the introduction of the summit. A 100 story building with bosses on every 10 floors.

I really feel that Division 2, delivered an all round experience that Stadia required and it’s a game that i’m exceptionally pleased to have it my library.

As we approach the end of year 1 for Stadia, sure it’s had ups and downs but they are largely delivering on improving the catalogue.

With all new platforms, you will see an initial period of improving and growing a back catalogue whilst new titles are developed and others launched.

I’ve said before that Stadia really opened my horizons to the style or games that I play and I feel that my top 5 brings some good variety.

There’s a sense of irony that I actually struggled to decipher my top 5 as there are so many good games on the platform, which completely flies in the face of criticism that we have no games. I think it’s safe to say that this argument is old, redundant and unnecessary as we approach year two.

What has hit the spot for you this year and how many of the above are in your top 5?

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