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Fist Forged in Shadow Torch free on Epic

F.I.S.T. forged in Shadow Torch the critically acclaimed action game from developer Hideo Kojima, is today’s free game on the Epic Game Store! This means that players can claim a free copy of the game and add it to their Epic Games library.

F.I.S.T: Forged in Shadow Torch is a 2D action-adventure game in the Metroidvania genre, with gameplay centered around three weapons: a fist, a drill, and a whip. The game follows the story of Rayton, an anthropomorphic rabbit war veteran who is called out of retirement to fight against a group of robots that are oppressing his fellow furtizens. It features combo-heavy combat and puzzle-solving elements, and encourages exploration through the use of various power-ups and secret items. The game has received generally positive reviews for its gameplay and level design, but has been criticized for its difficulty spikes and slow fast travel system.


We said this was playable on GeForce NOW when only the Steam version is available

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