First hints of Stadia expansion into India

One of the markets that cloud gaming is trying to get into quickly is India and we may have the first hint of Stadia making its way there. In a newly released job listing Google are hiring for a Product Manager for Telco and Enterprise to work with the Indian market. Within this job listing it mentions to work with the Stadia team. The full quote is below.

Work collaboratively with cross-Cloud stakeholders including Anthos, AI/ML, Stadia engineering and product teams, Global telco solutions team, Global Network team, Telco partnerships, networking specialists, Outbound Product Managers, and Telco Customer success teams.

The job role is described as

You will be responsible for working with the growing engineering team in India and will have the dual role of working with the larger Product Management team in US, understanding the needs and missing and working with local Product Management and engineering teams to execute on the plan.

It mentions both the Stadia engineering team and product team so this could mean that both the white labelling and/or Stadia the consumer product team. This does mean that it will be happening soon. It is however a good sign that this could be happening at some stage. While this is early days in regard to the long awaited Indian expansion let’s hope it will happen soon.

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