Fall Guys Speculated to Be Coming to Game Pass

2020 saw two huge success stories from two relatively small indie games; Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and Among Us. Both family friendly games hit incredible popularity, with many popular streamers jumping on board their unprecedented success.

With Among Us arriving to Xbox this year, it also seems Fall Guys may be making that leap too. Currently only available on PS4 and PC, a non-so-cryptic tweet from Fall Guys seems to suggest that it may be heading to Game Pass.

As it is only speculation, we don’t know if it will be added to xCloud or solely Game Pass on Xbox and PC. Then again, it could be a genuine interaction between the two and we are all reading too deep into it.

With the Doom Eternal crossover arriving on Fall Guys (and a very well edited trailer remaking the reveal trailer for Doom Eternal), it might not be a bad time at all for Fall Guys to make the jump. What are your thoughts?

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