Embr exits Early Access on September 23 and gains crossplay with Consoles

Embr, the early access title on Stadia and PC, is getting full cross-play with consoles when it comes out of early access on September 23. The game is hitting Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch at that time. Embr is a 4 person multiplayer game that you take the role of firefighter and go round the neighbourhood to put out the fires. The game is enjoyable and works better when playing with friends.

In the upcoming full release, a number of things are being added these include.

  • 2 brand new expansive districts to explore housing 12 new hand-crafted levels.
  • 13 new tools and upgrades to customise your firefighting experience.
  • 5 brand new game modes to earn extra money your way.
  • Daily and weekly missions for extensive replayability.
  • Cross-platform play across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia.
  • Extra difficulty settings and level mutators to keep things rolling.
  • Tons of additional wearables, vehicle cosmetics, UI overhaul, achievements, and more.

Howard Tsao team lead at Muse Game says

If anyone is expecting Embr to be a realistic depiction of an average day in the life of a firefighter, then they’re in for a big surprise,” Embr is the ultimate have-a-go-hero adventure, where everyone from the paper boy to the Gran who lives at the end of your street could fill their day by coming to save you from a blaze in your house – even if that means throwing you out the window in the process. In Embr, the ends justify the utterly manic means.

The price of the game at launch will be  £17.99/€19.99/$19.99. Are you excited about this update?

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