Deathloop DLC in Development?

In a recent interview, Jason Kelley, the voice actor of Colt in the game Deathloop, mentioned that he and Ozioma Akagha, the voice actress behind Julianna, are still being hired by Arkane Studios under the codename for Deathloop. He realized that he shouldn’t have revealed this information and quickly tried to change the subject, while Ozioma mentioned that they had not heard anything about it. This suggests that Arkane Studios may be working on additional projects related to Deathloop, although it is unclear at this time what those projects may be. Credit goes to Reddit Gaming Leaks and Rumours.

It appears that there may be plans for Deathloop to receive additional content in the form of DLC. This news comes after the game has been released for over a year, so the timing of the DLC release seems somewhat delayed. It is possible that this DLC may be similar in scope to Dishonored: Death of an Outsider, which was originally intended to be released as a piece of DLC but ended up becoming a standalone game. It is unclear at this time what the exact nature of the Deathloop DLC will be or when it will be released.

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  • ernie December 28, 2022

    that would be good to see a dlc for this game

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